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Az aktív iOS eszközök 65%-án fut iOS 11 - 2018, január 21 - 11:04

Legfrissebb #iOS verziók részesedése 4 hónappal a kiadásuk után - iOS 9: 75%, iOS 10: 76%, iOS 11: 65% - #ios #apple #adoption

— HUP (@huphu) January 21, 2018 #onhup

Az Apple nemrég frissítette iOS statisztikáját, ami elérhető itt.

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FreeNAS 11.1-U1 - 2018, január 20 - 11:43

#FreeNAS version 11.1-U1 is now available for download. Who's willing to try it out? #OpenSource

— FreeNAS Community (@FreeNASTeam) January 18, 2018

Elérhető a FreeBSD-alapú FreeNAS 11.1-U1 verziója. Részletek a kiadási megjegyzések dokumentumban. Letölthető innen.

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Elérhető a Wine 3.0.0-s stable verziója Linuxra és macOS-re - 2018, január 20 - 11:18

The #WineHQ team is proud to announce that the stable release #Wine 3.0 is now available for #Linux and #macOS.

— Wine HQ (@winehq_org) January 19, 2018

Részletek a bejelentésben.

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A OnePlus Inc. megerősítette, hogy valóban megtörték online fizetési rendszerét - 2018, január 19 - 17:13

A @OnePlus megerősítette, hogy valóban megtörték az online fizetési rendszerét. A potenciálisan érintett 40K vásárlókkal felveszik a kapcsolatot. További részletek -

— HUP (@huphu) January 19, 2018 #onhup

Részletek itt.

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"Text bomb" a legújabb Apple bug - 2018, január 19 - 16:04

Effective Power is back, baby!

chaiOS bug:
Text the link below, it will freeze the recipient's device, and possibly restart it.

Do not use it for bad stuff.
thanks to @aaronp613 @garnerlogan65 @lepidusdev @brensalsa for testing!

— Abraham Masri (@cheesecakeufo) January 16, 2018

Apple eszközökre - iOS, macOS - küldött speciálisan formázott HTML link - megnyitás nélkül is - crash-t, rosszabb esetben reboot-ot okoz. A hibát felfedező a PoC-ot előbb elérhetővé tette a GitHub-on, majd később eltávolította. Mint írta: a figyelemfelhívása elérte célját.

If you're getting a 404, use this link:
Copy it as is. Do not open it in Safari.
Again, please don't use it for bad stuff.

— Abraham Masri (@cheesecakeufo) January 16, 2018

No, I'm not going to re-upload it. I made my point. Apple needs to take such bugs more seriously.

— Abraham Masri (@cheesecakeufo) January 17, 2018

Részletek itt, itt és itt.

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Hol lakik a HUP? Itt... - 2018, január 19 - 09:56

Többen jelezték, hogy szívesen látnának képet arról, hogy hol lakik a HUP. Most lehetőség nyílik belesni a szerverterembe. A FIX TV Techmania rovata nemrég a Budapest Internet Exchange-ről készített egy adást. A videóban 5:20-tól a Rackforest szervertermébe nézhetünk be...

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drupal 8.5.0-alpha1 - 2018, január 19 - 01:06
Release notes

This is a alpha release for the next feature release of Drupal 8. Alphas are good testing targets for developers and site builders who are comfortable reporting (and where possible, fixing) their own bugs. Alpha releases are not recommended for non-technical users, nor for production websites. More information on alpha releases.

This minor release provides new improvements and functionality without breaking backward compatibility (BC) for public APIs. There may be changes in internal APIs and experimental modules that require updates to contributed and custom modules and themes per Drupal core's backwards compatibility and experimental module policies.

Important update information

Site update and module owners planning to update to this release should take note of the following important issues:

  • Drupal 8 will officially drop support for PHP 5.5 and 5.6 in one year, on March 7, 2019. In order to give site owners as much notice as possible, users will now see a warning on installation and on the status report page if the host is running a version of PHP older than 7.0. We recommend you plan to update to a host with PHP 7.1 or higher soon, to ensure you have sufficient time to resolve any issues that may impact your Drupal site or other applications. (See the Drupal 8 PHP requirements page for more information on recommended PHP versions.)

  • Symfony has now been updated to version 3.4, since Symfony 3.2 no longer receives security coverage. Symfony 3.4 is a long-term support release and we expect to remain on 3.4 releases for the rest of Drupal 8's support lifetime.

    A bug in Symfony 3.4 causes parsing to fail on certain YAML files that contain comments. Drupal core is working around this issue, but custom services.yaml files or other custom YAML formats may need to implement their own fixes until the issue is fixed upstream in Symfony (hopefully before Drupal 8.5.0). See the Symfony 3.4 change record for details.

  • In order to provide secure REST support for file uploads, viewing public files now requires the "access content" permission. This may require changes to automated tests, but should not affect most sites (since "access content" will already typically be granted). Ensure that the "access content" permission is granted to the relevant roles if you have unusual, custom file handling. File download permission is not affected.

  • Migrate field plugins now must specify a source_module and destination_module (a backwards compatibility break). Be sure to update any contributed or custom migration plugins for this change.

  • There are two significant changes to PHPUnit integration:
  • Previously, multi-value base fields in views used incorrect field names, which caused numerous bugs for views data, REST support, etc. and also led to duplicate entries in the Views UI. In 8.5.0, the correct field name is used. Most views should be automatically updated for this change by running update.php, but in rare cases this might break existing custom views. In contrib and custom modules that extend views, overridden base field handlers may need to be updated to use the new (correct) name.

  • Important: If you have not already upgraded to 8.4.0, read the Drupal 8.4.0 release notes before upgrading to 8.5.0. Drupal 8.4 includes major version updates for Symfony, jQuery, and jQuery UI and is no longer compatible with older versions of Drush.

  • Developers should review the Drupal 8.5.x change records for information on API additions and internal backwards compatibility breaks.

Translators should take note of a handful of minor string changes since the last release.

Important bug fixes

The following issues are fixed in Drupal 8.5.0:

Known issues

Search the issue queue for all known issues.

All changes since the last minor release
  • Revert "Issue #2891215 by plach, timmillwood, hchonov, amateescu, catch, gabesullice: Add a way to track whether a revision was default when originally created"
  • Issue #2908952 by sahil432, martin107: drupal_get_complete_schema() and drupal_get_schema() are not completely removed
  • Issue #2936793 follow-up by tim.plunkett: Fix PHP5's hacking and wheezing.
  • Issue #2936793 by tim.plunkett, tstoeckler, EclipseGc: EntityReferenceItem::generateSampleValue() should create a sample entity if a referenceable entity is not found
  • Issue #2935779 by tim.plunkett, EclipseGc, webchick, xjm, dead_arm: Come up with an affordance for what parts of the page are/are not affected by Layout Builder
  • Issue #2902187 by amateescu, timmillwood, Sam152, webchick, Manuel Garcia, xjm, plach, DuneBL, larowlan, Bojhan, jibran, Berdir, jojototh: Provide a way for users to moderate content
  • Issue #2936457 by Berdir, larowlan: views_post_update_filter_placeholder_text() can result in errors in filter plugins due to incomplete definition
  • Issue #2862422 by chr.fritsch, robpowell, phenaproxima, webflo, bdimaggio, seanB, naveenvalecha, sunset_bill, vijaycs85, yoroy, starshaped, xjm, Berdir, hazong: Add per-media type creation permissions for media
  • Issue #2935755 by alexpott, Wim Leers: Add a trait to allow dynamic setting of expected deprecations
  • Issue #2858482 by Wim Leers, dawehner, benjy, larowlan, tedbow, borisson_: Simplify REST routing: disallow requesting POST/PATCH in any format, make consistent
  • Issue #2935725 by markconroy: Add vw and vh to the CSS stylelint
  • Issue #2914974 by quietone, rakesh.gectcr, maxocub, heddn, Jo Fitzgerald, Yogesh Pawar, masipila, phenaproxima, jhodgdon, Gábor Hojtsy, larowlan, neclimdul: Migrate UI - handle sources that do not need an upgrade
  • Issue #2936435 by Berdir, alexpott: Better BC for deprecated container parameter user.tempstore.expire
  • Issue #2885469 by Wim Leers, amateescu, timmillwood, alexpott, tstoeckler, xjm, remram, Berdir, dawehner, larowlan, samuel.mortenson: Regression: manually setting the ID field for newly-created content entities is not possible anymore (public follow-up to SA-2017-002)
  • Issue #2862041 by Sam152, amateescu, timmillwood, jibran, hamrant, dawehner, plach, Manuel Garcia, Jo Fitzgerald, mgalalm, xjm, larowlan, webchick, Wim Leers, gambry, kkus, tim.plunkett, tedbow, CatherineOmega: Provide useful Views filters for Content Moderation State fields
  • Issue #2862744 by masipila, heddn: Add documentation to EntityBaseFieldOverride destination plugin
  • Issue #2862748 by masipila, Jo Fitzgerald, quietone, phenaproxima: Add documentation to EntityRevision destination plugin
  • Issue #2933773 by masipila, quietone: Merge handbook documentation to API: skip_on_empty process plugin
  • Issue #2933776 by masipila, quietone: Merge handbook documentation to API: sub_process process plugin
  • Issue #2933770 by masipila, quietone, phenaproxima: Merge handbook documentation to API: static_map process plugin
  • Issue #2891215 by plach, timmillwood, hchonov, amateescu, catch, gabesullice: Add a way to track whether a revision was default when originally created
  • Issue #2934178 by samuel.mortenson, DyanneNova, xjm, yoroy, andrewmacpherson: Contrast issues with off-canvas dialog styling
  • Issue #2931165 by heddn, phenaproxima, maxocub, quietone, masipila: Mark Migrate (API) as stable
  • Issue #2921626 by tim.plunkett, EclipseGc, larowlan, dead_arm, xjm: Add proper context-awareness to Layout Builder
  • Revert "Issue #2921626 by tim.plunkett, EclipseGc, larowlan, dead_arm: Add proper context-awareness to Layout Builder"
  • Issue #2924724 by plach, hchonov, timmillwood, Gábor Hojtsy, amateescu, gabesullice, catch: Add an API to create a new revision correctly handling multilingual pending revisions
  • Issue #2921626 by tim.plunkett, EclipseGc, larowlan, dead_arm: Add proper context-awareness to Layout Builder
  • Issue #2918837 by heddn, neclimdul, phenaproxima, quietone, Gábor Hojtsy: SqlBase throws fatal error when extended directly
  • Issue #2934885 by marcoscano, benjifisher, seanB, starshaped, xjm, chr.fritsch, phenaproxima, Gábor Hojtsy: Document the difference between File, Image, and Media fields
  • Issue #2935617 by alexpott, chr.fritsch: Move User module's temp stores to core
  • Issue #2866819 by harsha012, jpassetti, joelpittet: Update stylelint rule number-no-trailing-zeros to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2920172 by sushantpaste, dev.patrick, Ashreen Kaur, yoroy, xjm: User Guide link on front page in new Install should open in new tab
  • Issue #2883892 by Jo Fitzgerald, voleger, ozin, mpdonadio, Taran2L, heddn: Add from/to timezone settings for the "FormatDate process plugin"
  • Issue #2908282 by heddn, phenaproxima, Jo Fitzgerald, quietone, xjm, larowlan, mikeryan, dipakmdhrm: Throw exception for source plugins without a source_module property
  • Issue #2862662 by masipila, Jo Fitzgerald, heddn, quietone, ohthehugemanatee: Add documentation to EntityContentBase destination plugin
  • Issue #2930832 by phenaproxima, heddn, larowlan, quietone: Add isAuditable() method to MigrationInterface
  • Issue #2935822 by sonu.raj.chauhan, quietone: Correct test group for two migrate tests
  • Issue #2926932 by matthiasm11, Wim Leers, vijaycs85: Update CKEditor library to 4.8.0
  • Issue #2912803 by Jo Fitzgerald, heddn: MigrationPluginManagerInterface is missing createInstancesByTag
  • Issue #2916199 by quietone, heddn: MigrateUpgradeTestBase shouldn't enable modules
  • Issue #2933774 by masipila, quietone: Merge handbook documentation to API: migration_lookup process plugin
  • Issue #2848085 by snehi, rkoller, Sutharsan, Gábor Hojtsy: "Translation update status" in locale.install is not translated
  • Issue #2927349 by tim.plunkett: Decouple the Layout Builder UI from entities
  • Issue #2862248 by m4olivei, Wim Leers, cburschka, larowlan: UnitTestCase::getConfigFactoryStub() doesn't accept dotted keys
  • Issue #2923004 by tedbow, bircher, samuel.mortenson, alexpott, Wim Leers, axel.rutz, Berdir, borisson_, xjm, tim.plunkett: Add method to check if any overrides are applied to \Drupal\Core\Config\Config
  • Issue #2897272 by tedbow, Wim Leers, Jo Fitzgerald, Adita, xjm: Fix module description, hook_help(), and document module scope in *.api.php file
  • Issue #2853460 by Wim Leers, dawehner, gabesullice, neclimdul, larowlan: Simplify RequestHandler: make it no longer ContainerAware, split up ::handle()
  • Issue #2934336 by alexpott: Update symfony/phpunit-bridge to the latest released version
  • Issue #2866816 by harsha012, BrightBold, cwells, joelpittet, idebr: Update stylelint rule length-zero-no-unit to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2935524 by neclimdul: PHPCS failure on DrupalStandardsListenerTrait
  • Issue #2935151 by alexpott: Long array syntax checking in ./core files is broken
  • Issue #2934424 by chr.fritsch, benjifisher, tstoeckler, phenaproxima, xjm, marcoscano, larowlan: Media has no collection route
  • Issue #2866810 by BrightBold, harsha012, joelpittet: Update stylelint rule function-comma-space-after to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2935318 by marcoscano: Improve default display of Audio and Video media types shipped with Standard profile
  • Issue #2904084 by Ruslan P, Venkatesh Rajan.J: Confusing title for "Boolean" field in "Manage form display"
  • Issue #2916740 by chr.fritsch, xjm, Manuel Garcia, tstoeckler, alexpott, seanB, Sam152, amateescu, tim.plunkett, dawehner, larowlan, Berdir: Add generic entity actions
  • Issue #2934499 by samuel.mortenson: Adjust foccus styling for the Settings Tray [x] close button to match the dialog system
  • Issue #2934162 by marcoscano, phenaproxima, chr.fritsch, robpowell, Berdir, xjm, effulgentsia: Provide better defaults to media form displays
  • Issue #2866823 by harsha012, Mukeysh, joelpittet: Update stylelint rule selector-type-no-unknown to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2775131 by chr.fritsch, marcoscano, katzilla, seanB, xjm, gippy, phenaproxima, alexpott, Berdir, lauriii, webflo, dawehner: Media entities should support contextual links
  • Revert "Issue #2775131 by chr.fritsch, marcoscano, katzilla, seanB, xjm, gippy, phenaproxima, alexpott, Berdir, lauriii, webflo, dawehner: Media entities should support contextual links"
  • Issue #2775131 by chr.fritsch, marcoscano, katzilla, seanB, xjm, gippy, phenaproxima, alexpott, Berdir, lauriii, webflo, dawehner: Media entities should support contextual links
  • Issue #2933964 by kiamlaluno, oakulm: Remove the left-over @todo comments in the BaseFieldDefinition class
  • Issue #2934649 by chr.fritsch, marcoscano: Fix wrong header "Source" on media overview page
  • Issue #2917594 by kevin.dutra, robin.ingelbrecht, jwkovell, Lendude: Add support for HTML5 placeholder in views exposed filters
  • Issue #2575135 by quietone, ckaotik, olegel, mikeryan, larowlan: Dummy map/message tables being created
  • Issue #2934966 by benjifisher, starshaped: Make it easier to get source field values from media items
  • Issue #2671964 by EclipseGc, tim.plunkett, Jo Fitzgerald, larowlan, fago, dawehner, Berdir, phenaproxima: ContextHandler cannot validate constraints
  • Issue #2932226 by robpowell, marcoscano, phenaproxima, Darvanen, larowlan: Media Type entities don't validate machine name properly
  • Issue #2934096 by kiamlaluno, joelpittet: Simplify the ListDataDefinition::getClass() code
  • Issue #2934962 by starshaped, xjm: Ship local audio and video media types in Standard
  • Issue #2928798 by balsama, axel.rutz, xjm, phenaproxima, chr.fritsch, jeetendrakumar: Add extractors: mimetype & filesize
  • Issue #2924631 by marcoscano, starshaped, chr.fritsch, xjm, phenaproxima, Gábor Hojtsy, seanB, yoroy, evankay: Media sources for local video and audio support
  • Issue #2866805 by Mukeysh, joelpittet, harsha012: Update stylelint rule declaration-block-no-redundant-longhand-properties to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2934850 by balsama, Berdir: Media Images should be rendered at a reasonable size by default
  • Issue #2934840 by robpowell, marcoscano: MediaAccessTest wrongly extends another test class, instead of base class
  • Issue #2932369 by marcoscano, balsama, Berdir, Grimreaper, alexpott: Media Types missing access control handler result in empty column in media overview page
  • Issue #2856950 by dmsmidt, marcvangend, tim.plunkett, andrewmacpherson, Lendude, tameeshb, Berdir, xjm, tedbow, Gábor Hojtsy, Sutharsan: Add a possibility to disable inline form errors for a complete form
  • Issue #2816861 by dpi, jibran, bucefal91, harsha012, tim.plunkett, catch: Action configuration form does not support #ajax
  • Issue #2931883 by moshe weitzman, David_Rothstein, Wim Leers: Unneeded always_populate_raw_post_data requirements check while on CLI
  • Issue #2933980 by richgerdes, Maheshwaran.j: JQuery UI CSS dependencies are not met in core.libraries.yml
  • Issue #2765849 by kiamlaluno: The description for template_preprocess() has not been update for Drupal 8
  • Issue #2929835 by amateescu, dawehner: [regression] Modules can no longer alter the the table queue of a \Drupal\views\Plugin\views\query\Sql query object
  • Issue #2934233 by neclimdul: Fix reference to DrupalKernelTest in system module
  • Issue #2861840 by tim.plunkett, lauriii: Preprocess functions are not merged when a module registers a theme hook for a theme-provided template
  • Issue #2931047 by Dropa, D34dMan, borisson_, catch: hook_post_update_NAME documentation is misleading
  • Issue #2934152 by Wim Leers, neclimdul: ContentTypeHeaderMatcher should not run for GET, HEAD, OPTIONS or TRACE requests
  • Issue #2933991 by alexpott, neclimdul: Deprecation tests fail when all PHPUnit tests are run via PHPUnit
  • Issue #2863354 by benqwerty, DuaelFr, andrewmacpherson, xjm, mgifford, lauriii, ckrina: Add border to dialog [x] close button for hover and focus states
  • Issue #2866808 by BrightBold, pk188, idebr: Update stylelint rule declaration-block-trailing-semicolon to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2866800 by BrightBold: Update stylelint rule block-no-empty to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2866809 by BrightBold: Update stylelint rule declaration-colon-space-after to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2866799 by cwells: Update stylelint rule at-rule-empty-line-before to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2866812 by idebr: Update stylelint rule function-name-case to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2934520 by tstoeckler: Avoid information disclosure by timing attack in EntityResource::patch()
  • Issue #2859381 by Manuel Garcia, Sam152, mstef, jhedstrom: Broken/missing handler for Moderation state field
  • Issue #2862741 by masipila: Add documentation to ComponentEntityDisplayBase destination plugin
  • Issue #2933424 by David_Rothstein, harsha012, jhodgdon, vaplas: English-specific links to shouldn't be used in non-translatable strings
  • Issue #2918500 by tim.plunkett, EclipseGc, tedbow, larowlan, jibran, Wim Leers, phenaproxima, amateescu, borisson_, samuel.mortenson, gaurav.kapoor, KarlShea, hctom, mroycroft, neerajsingh, DamienMcKenna, dsnopek, Xano, TravisCarden, Tim Bozeman: Create a block which can render entity fields
  • Issue #2915759 by samuel.mortenson, tedbow, xjm, yoroy: :focus is is hard to see for links in the off-canvas dialog
  • Issue #2377747 by mondrake, eiriksm, rpayanm, adci_contributor, mgifford, oakulm, Truptti, chetan2111, joyceg, alexpott, xjm, yoroy, catch: Incorrect node create validation error when an invalid image is attached to a field
  • Issue #2925064 by drpal, dawehner, droplet, xjm, webchick, justafish: [1/2] JS codestyle: no-restricted-syntax
  • Issue #2928699 by marcoscano, phenaproxima, amateescu, seanB, yoroy: Add an alter hook for the pre-configured field UI options and implement it in the Media module
  • Issue #2919147 by tedbow, tim.plunkett: When edit mode is enabled new page loads will not have Contextual tabbing constrained
  • Issue #2924351 by drpal, tedbow, xjm, dawehner: Fix coding standards issues with existing settings tray JavaScript
  • Issue #2866779 by Mile23, dawehner: Add a way to trigger_error() for deprecated hooks
  • Issue #2862743 by masipila: Add documentation to DestinationBase destination plugin
  • Issue #2932865 by kiamlaluno, joachim: Incorrect description for ExtensionDiscovery::scanDirectory()
  • Issue #2926483 by plach, amateescu, effulgentsia, xjm, Sam152, timmillwood, jibran, larowlan, Gábor Hojtsy: Add API methods for determining whether an entity object is the latest (translation-affecting) revision
  • Issue #2824851 by Wim Leers, arshadcn, amateescu, effulgentsia, tedbow, timmillwood, cburschka, tstoeckler, Berdir, xjm, catch: EntityResource::patch() makes an incorrect assumption about entity keys, hence results in incorrect behavior
  • Issue #2626924 by Wim Leers, tedbow, dawehner, frob, martin107, damiankloip, dagmar, almaudoh, Berdir, larowlan, amateescu: Include processed text in normalizations: "text" field type's "processed" computed property should be non-internal and carry cacheability metadata
  • Issue #2862894 by fgm, Wim Leers, bkosborne, borisson_, catch: Docs for Internal Page Cache incorrectly state that it respects the maximum age performance setting
  • Issue #2931709 by marcoscano, claudiu.cristea: Wrong constant name in \Drupal\image\Plugin\Field\FieldType\ImageItem::generateSampleValue()
  • Issue #2931264 by markcarver, claudiu.cristea: Remove static \Drupal::$legacyMessenger property
  • Issue #2928450 by tim.plunkett: Remove dead code in the Layout Builder following Section refactoring
  • Issue #2931598 by kim.pepper, markcarver, almaudoh, Sam152: Messenger methods drop repeat flag
  • Issue #2845361 by claudiu.cristea, Munavijayalakshmi: Don't compute children and parents of a new term on TermForm
  • Issue #2899708 by gaurav.kapoor, tedbow, droplet, Wim Leers: `quote` should be `blockquote` in off-canvas.base.css
  • Issue #2930788 by marcoscano, phenaproxima, Berdir, seanB: Do not show name by default in media displays
  • Issue #2923015 by cburschka, amateescu, tstoeckler, alexpott, hchonov, mondrake, pfrenssen: [PHP 7.2] Incompatible method declarations
  • Issue #2927806 by alexpott, mondrake, jibran, Mile23: Use PHPUnit 6 for testing when PHP version >= 7.2
  • Issue #2931368 by opdavies: Add missing param documentation for hook_migrate_prepare_row, document hook_migrate_MIGRATION_ID_prepare_row
  • Issue #2884675 by rodrigoaguilera, joelpittet, TR: Remove twig uses of Twig_Node::getLine to Twig_Node::getTemplateLine
  • Issue #2932044 by alexpott: Remove \PHPUnit_Util_XML::cssSelect() from \Drupal\tour\Tests\TourTestBase
  • Issue #2931339 by manuel.adan: Unused variable $admin_permission in EntityAccessControlHandler::checkAccess
  • Issue #2825487 by damiankloip, Wim Leers, garphy, cburschka, tedbow, dpovshed, tstoeckler, Munavijayalakshmi, Berdir, dawehner, e0ipso: Fix normalization of File entities: file entities should expose the file URL as a computed property on the 'uri' base field
  • Issue #2551259 by Mile23, gaurav.kapoor, Jo Fitzgerald, googletorp, Jeremy, xjm, webchick: Deprecate dead code locale_translation_manual_status()
  • Issue #2929496 by plach, hchonov, timmillwood, catch, Wim Leers, amateescu, Calystod, andypost: Add dedicated interfaces to group methods dealing with revision translation and clean up the related documentation
  • Issue #2926914 by tim.plunkett, xjm, larowlan, tedbow, EclipseGc: Rewrite \Drupal\layout_builder\Section to represent the entire section, not just the block info
  • Issue #2930072 by vaplas, Lendude: Module: Convert system functional tests to phpunit
  • Issue #2760167 by kim.pepper, markcarver, jibran, dawehner, znerol, Wim Leers, larowlan, xjm, tim.plunkett: Add \Drupal\Core\Messenger\Messenger
  • Issue #2876085 by heddn, maxocub, phenaproxima, Jo Fitzgerald, vasi, quietone, yoroy, masipila, larowlan, neclimdul, krystalcode, catch: Before upgrading, audit for potential ID conflicts
  • Issue #2927566 by Wim Leers: Unit test EntityReferenceFieldItemNormalizerTest mocks incorrectly
  • Issue #2928702 by Wim Leers, borisson_, tedbow: Make EntityResourceTestBase's field_rest_test_multivalue test field less invasive: omit it from normalizations
  • Issue #2894014 by adriancid, Cottser: Additional space in a field setting schema label
  • Issue #2928522 by yo30, dawehner: \Drupal\FunctionalJavascriptTests\WebDriverWebAssert misses some deprecations
  • Issue #2627512 by gambry, jhedstrom, mpdonadio, Jo Fitzgerald, jibran, tedbow, bkosborne, alexpott, vprocessor, xjm: Datetime Views plugins don't support timezones
  • Issue #2930197 by mondrake, amateescu: EntityDefinitionUpdateTest fails with contrib db driver (again)
  • Issue #2928249 by alexpott, mondrake: Introduce a PHPUnit 6+ compatibility layer for Drupal\Tests\Listeners classes
  • Issue #2928256 by marcoscano, seanB: Users shouldn't be able to change the media source plugin after the media type is created
  • Issue #2865184 by chr.fritsch, phenaproxima, larowlan, marcoscano, xjm: Allow MediaSource plugins provide default field form/view display settings
  • Issue #2928137 by blakemorgan, dawehner: Correct deprecation note in ajax.es6.js
  • Issue #2929477 by alexpott, droplet: Update jcalderonzumba/mink-phantomjs-driver
  • Issue #2923567 by Sam152, amateescu: Select from correct entity tables for additional entity/field definitions when moving data to dedicated table storage from shared table storage for the purposes of purging
  • Issue #2500521 by Jo Fitzgerald, RytoEX, quietone, gaurav.kapoor, hussainweb, phenaproxima: Upgrade path for Statistics 7.x and 6.x
  • Issue #2929124 by Wim Leers, tstoeckler: Remove EntityResource::getCastedValueFromFieldItemList() helper in favor of FieldItemList::equals()
  • Issue #2791571 by chr.fritsch, kristiaanvandeneynde, phenaproxima, Berdir, seanB, tstoeckler, Wim Leers, xjm: Automatically supply contextual links for entities
  • Issue #2895001 by marcoscano, vijaycs85, Wim Leers, benjifisher, xjm, Berdir, amateescu: Use the bundle label (e.g. "Media type") instead of "Bundles" in the Entity Reference field configuration
  • Issue #2853503 by Aki Tendo, alexpott, larowlan, Wim Leers, klausi, fgm, dawehner, mondrake, catch, Berdir, neclimdul, borisson_: Remove all assert('string') calls from Drupal core because deprecated in PHP 7.2
  • Issue #2808217 by Wim Leers, tedbow, YesCT, dawehner, xjm, Berdir, damiankloip, slucero: To be able to view Vocabulary config entities via REST, one should not have to grant the 'administer taxonomy' permission
  • Issue #2927766 by Wim Leers: Update ResponseGeneratorTest to use the BrowserTestBase base class instead of the deprecated RESTTestBase
  • Issue #2927230 by drpal, dawehner: 3/3 JS codestyle: camelcase
  • Issue #2927228 by drpal, mikejw, dawehner, webchick, xjm: 2/3 JS codestyle: camelcase
  • Issue #2915784 by dawehner, drpal, mikejw, justafish, tedbow, xjm, webchick: 1/3 JS codestyle: camelcase
  • Issue #2909676 by Miraya, rang501, ericbellot, Jo Fitzgerald, Daniel_Rose: Improve messages about image resizing
  • Issue #2843139 by vaplas, Wim Leers, harings_rob, catch, Berdir, alexpott: EntityResource: Provide comprehensive test coverage for File entity, and tighten access control handler
  • Revert "Issue #2925064 by drpal, dawehner, xjm, justafish, droplet: [1/2] JS codestyle: no-restricted-syntax"
  • Revert "Issue #2927228 by drpal, dawehner: 2/3 JS codestyle: camelcase"
  • Revert "Issue #2915784 by dawehner, drpal, justafish, tedbow, xjm: 1/3 JS codestyle: camelcase"
  • Issue #2927228 by drpal, dawehner: 2/3 JS codestyle: camelcase
  • Issue #2915784 by dawehner, drpal, justafish, tedbow, xjm: 1/3 JS codestyle: camelcase
  • Revert "Issue #2850973 by alexpott, kferencz91, jonathan1055, dawehner: ConfigEntityInterface::onDependencyRemoval() called with incorrect dependency list"
  • Issue #2870465 by naveenvalecha, vaplas, Lendude, Jo Fitzgerald, michielnugter, Gábor Hojtsy: Convert web tests to browser tests for user module
  • Issue #2765959 by davidwbarratt, Wim Leers, dawehner, borisson_, tstoeckler, tedbow, catch: Make 4xx REST responses cacheable by (Dynamic) Page Cache + comprehensive cacheability test coverage
  • Issue #2850973 by alexpott, kferencz91, jonathan1055, dawehner: ConfigEntityInterface::onDependencyRemoval() called with incorrect dependency list
  • Issue #2926540 by amateescu, plach, xjm, hchonov, Berdir: Split revision-handling methods to a separate entity storage interface
  • Issue #2923884 by mfernea: Fix 'Squiz.WhiteSpace.SemicolonSpacing' coding standard
  • Issue #2923886 by mfernea: Fix 'Squiz.WhiteSpace.LanguageConstructSpacing' coding standard
  • Issue #2925657 by tim.plunkett, amateescu: EntityDisplayBase::init() should use ::setComponent() for fields
  • Issue #1730874 by amateescu, e2thex, indytechcook, disasm, googletorp, hchonov, Berdir: Add support for loading multiple revisions at once
  • Issue #2925064 by drpal, dawehner, xjm, justafish, droplet: [1/2] JS codestyle: no-restricted-syntax
  • Issue #2905686 by Wim Leers: Expand EntityResourceTestBase to test PATCHing multi-value fields: both adding and removing items
  • Issue #2894501 by cspitzlay, dawehner, zaporylie, larowlan, alexpott, hchonov, Lendude: Allow for separate mink driver settings for Javascript tests
  • Issue #2613924 by heykarthikwithu, oknate, Mac_Weber, pguillard, attiks, aerozeppelin, claudiu.cristea, Prasun, alozie, lokapujya, Wim Leers: Link text isn't marked as required
  • Issue #2920598 by Jo Fitzgerald, quietone: Move d6_taxonomy_term_translation and test to content_translation
  • Issue #2925750 by mondrake, amateescu, xjm: EntityDefinitionUpdateTest fails with contrib db driver
  • Issue #2865616 by Sam152, plach, dawehner, timmillwood, amateescu, tim.plunkett: Add an option for EntityConverter to load the latest entity revision and fix all entity forms to use this option
  • Issue #2925651 by tim.plunkett: Config schema for \Drupal\Core\Block is wrongly in block.module
  • Issue #2800873 by Wim Leers, lhangea, damiankloip, Yogesh Pawar, dawehner, alexpott: Add XML GET REST test coverage, work around XML encoder quirks
  • Issue #2544790 by hchonov, amateescu, tstoeckler: ContentEntityBase::setNewRevision(FALSE) is broken if ::setNewRevision(TRUE) was called previously
  • Issue #2907863 by tucho, Sutharsan, Gábor Hojtsy: Prefer HTTPS protocol over HTTP when fetching translations
  • Issue #2868035 by Wim Leers, vaplas, dawehner, larowlan: Test that all core content+config entity types have functional REST test coverage
  • Issue #2922371 by Mile23, dawehner, caseylau: Numerous deprecation messages for test traits do not reference the correct replacement
  • Issue #2924683 by kiamlaluno: Variable is uselessly initialized three times
  • Issue #2924365 by yo30, gaurav.kapoor, xjm: Wrap JS comments in Settings Tray to 80 character limit
  • Issue #2902381 by neclimdul, mfernea, Mile23, alexpott: Revert phpcs.xml.dist changes from "Ensure that we're using the right ruleset for coding standards checking"
  • Issue #1748410 by wesleydv, c.nish2k3, dasha_v, Thomasdbcklr, John Cook, dagmar, sgarrahy, falc0, doublejosh, alexpott: Include !severity in logged events by syslog
  • Issue #2880387 by Kingdutch: Avoid unnecessary array operations in update_get_update_list
  • Issue #2897979 by karthikkumarbodu, svetoslav.dragoev: image.module should use FileInterface instead of File
  • Issue #2923302 by MaskOta, tstoeckler, andrewmacpherson: Module install table is missing the "Show all columns" link
  • Issue #2897134 by MaskOta, Sam152, Dinesh18, xjm: Enforce that weights are numeric when settings state/transition weights
  • Issue #1174892 by chr.fritsch, travist, Dave Reid, keithm, webchick, phenaproxima, Everett Zufelt, slashrsm, Wim Leers, RobW, seanB, xjm, Gábor Hojtsy, larowlan, ericduran, webflo, Berdir, pschuelke: File field formatters for rich media display with and HTML5 elements
  • Issue #2905922 by tim.plunkett, tedbow, xjm, EclipseGc, webchick, vijaycs85, larowlan, andrewmacpherson, droplet, Bojhan, mgifford, drpal, phenaproxima, DyanneNova, japerry: Implementation issue for Layout Builder
  • Issue #2919891 by Darvanen, tstoeckler: Make Vocabulary use a route provider instead of hard-coded routes
  • Revert "Issue #2905922 by tim.plunkett, xjm, EclipseGc, vijaycs85, webchick, larowlan, andrewmacpherson, Bojhan, droplet, mgifford, drpal, japerry, tedbow, DyanneNova, phenaproxima: Implementation issue for Layout Builder"
  • Issue #2923572 by Sam152: Account for NULL base field values in shared table storage when copying to dedicated table storage for field purging
  • Issue #2905922 by tim.plunkett, xjm, EclipseGc, vijaycs85, webchick, larowlan, andrewmacpherson, Bojhan, droplet, mgifford, drpal, japerry, tedbow, DyanneNova, phenaproxima: Implementation issue for Layout Builder
  • Issue #2902407 by mfernea, zaporylie: Fix 'Drupal.Commenting.DataTypeNamespace' coding standard
  • Issue #2850684 by daffie, RoSk0: Default Database Schema::fieldExists() is slow for PostgreSQL
  • Issue #2923305 by Saviktor, tstoeckler, MaskOta: Module (un-)install tables have a useless "data-striping" attribute
  • Issue #2922285 by mstef, timmillwood: Classes should use StateTransitionValidationInterface rather than StateTransitionValidation
  • Issue #1472946 by gnuget, andypost, mmrares, sidharthap, kiamlaluno, Himanshu5050, dineshkumares, amit.drupal: Remove usages of deprecated function drupal_realpath() throughout core functions
  • Issue #2282119 by amateescu, jibran, Jo Fitzgerald, yched, plach, timmillwood, fago, Sam152, larowlan: Make the Entity Field API handle field purging
  • Issue #2909366 by zaporylie, iKb, mfernea: Fix 'Drupal.Commenting.VariableComment.EmptyVar' coding standard
  • Issue #2885309 by vaplas, drewklein, pk188, alexpott, Ayesh, arunkumark, andypost, klausi, xjm, mondrake: [PHP 7.2] each() function is deprecated
  • Issue #2886279 by dawehner, alexpott, drpal, zaporylie, Wim Leers, neclimdul, Mile23, Chi: Add PHPCS and PHPCBF as Composer scripts
  • Issue #2572795 by mfernea, zaporylie, pfrenssen, andypost, attiks, alexpott, xjm, Mile23, catch, borisson_: Fix coding standard for closures - Drupal.WhiteSpace.ScopeClosingBrace and Generic.Functions.OpeningFunctionBraceKernighanRitchie
  • Issue #2392845 by amateescu, nuez, seanB, Alumei, penyaskito, vprocessor, steveoliver, lokapujya, tim.plunkett, yched, Sam152, Wim Leers, jibran, kristiaanvandeneynde, Berdir, larowlan, hchonov, fago: Add a trait to standardize handling of computed item lists
  • Revert "Issue #2225681 by quietone, Jo Fitzgerald, dipakmdhrm, Adita, maxocub, Gábor Hojtsy, phenaproxima, iMiksu, Manuel Garcia, catch: Migrate D6 i18n blocks translated strings"
  • Issue #2225681 by quietone, Jo Fitzgerald, dipakmdhrm, Adita, maxocub, Gábor Hojtsy, phenaproxima, iMiksu, Manuel Garcia, catch: Migrate D6 i18n blocks translated strings
  • Issue #2901562 by mfernea, Jo Fitzgerald, Yogesh Pawar, 3ssom, Mile23, borisson_: Fix 'Squiz.WhiteSpace.SuperfluousWhitespace' coding standard
  • Revert "Issue #2572795 by mfernea, pfrenssen, attiks, andypost, alexpott, xjm, Mile23, catch, borisson_: Fix coding standard for closures - Drupal.WhiteSpace.ScopeClosingBrace and Generic.Functions.OpeningFunctionBraceKernighanRitchie"
  • Issue #2572795 by mfernea, pfrenssen, attiks, andypost, alexpott, xjm, Mile23, catch, borisson_: Fix coding standard for closures - Drupal.WhiteSpace.ScopeClosingBrace and Generic.Functions.OpeningFunctionBraceKernighanRitchie
  • Issue #2921931 by dravenk: \Drupal\simpletest\UserCreationTrait @deprecated references new class in the incorrect namespace
  • Issue #2921942 by caseylau: \Drupal\simpletest\ContentTypeCreationTrait @deprecated references new class in the incorrect namespace
  • Issue #2921860 by laughnan, tedbow: \Drupal\simpletest\NodeCreationTrait @deprecated references new class in the incorrect namespace
  • Issue #2870194 by alexpott, Mile23, jibran, larowlan, tim.plunkett: Ensure that process-isolated tests can use Symfony's PHPunit bridge to catch usages of deprecated code
  • Issue #2920001 by Wim Leers, dawehner, borisson_, aheimlich, davidwbarratt: Add cacheable HTTP exceptions: Symfony HTTP exceptions + Drupal cacheability metadata
  • Issue #2910211 by tedbow, Wim Leers: Allow computed exposed properties in ComplexData to support cacheability
  • Issue #2917883 by quietone, TR, Jo Fitzgerald, masipila, phenaproxima: Rename 'migration_templates' directories in core modules to 'migrations'
  • Issue #2874938 by Wim Leers, tim.plunkett, borisson_, effulgentsia: AdminRouteSubscriber must only mark HTML routes as administrative
  • Issue #2892821 by tedbow, zaporylie, alexpott, Wim Leers, dagmar, yoroy, effulgentsia, Bojhan: Core modules check node module's "access content" permission for displaying things that have nothing to do with nodes
  • Issue #2910682 by Wim Leers, jhedstrom, damiankloip, dawehner, Grayside: Mark serializer encoders @internal
  • Issue #2840392 by Wim Leers, JacobSanford, Yogesh Pawar, dawehner, xjm, effulgentsia, Mixologic, Bojhan, webchick, Gábor Hojtsy, yoroy: Enable BigPipe by default in the Standard install profile
  • Issue #2871591 by tedbow, Wim Leers, dagmar, borisson_, amateescu, dawehner, damiankloip, tstoeckler, mradcliffe, larowlan: Allow ComplexData in TypedData to specify computed properties that should be exposed in normalization and other contexts
  • Issue #2914677 by zaporylie: Unused member variable in GlossaryViewTest
  • Revert "Issue #2913912 by alexpott, phenaproxima: URL generator may have a stale route provider during module installation"
  • Issue #2859304 by quietone, heddn, Jo Fitzgerald, maxocub, rivimey, phenaproxima, jhodgdon: Show field type migrations correctly in Migrate Drupal UI
  • Issue #2874700 by dhruveshdtripathi, billywardrop, Dinesh18, maryedith, sorabh.v6, Gábor Hojtsy, Mile23, tedbow: Add Change record to @deprecated for Domain::Config Language Negotations
  • Issue #2913912 by alexpott, phenaproxima: URL generator may have a stale route provider during module installation
  • Issue #2919901 by pasan.gamage: Incorrect class comment for BlockContentTypeForm class
  • Issue #2660124 by tim.plunkett, samuel.mortenson, phenaproxima, tstoeckler, yoroy, dead_arm, xjm, Manuel Garcia, EclipseGc, larowlan, DyanneNova, tedbow: Dynamically build layout icons based on well formed config
  • Issue #2895544 by Ginovski, Lendude, mpdonadio, jhedstrom, Berdir, dawehner: Datetime module missing view plugin config schema
  • Issue #2862308 by Yogesh Pawar, joelpittet, amateescu: Log a message when skipping deleted fields during field_purge_batch()
  • Issue #2914713 by droplet, drpal, dawehner, nod_: JS codestyle: no-throw-literal
  • Issue #2784443 by tedbow, Wim Leers, Cottser, tim.plunkett, droplet, drpal, nod_, lauriii: Move off-canvas functionality from Settings tray module into drupal.dialog.ajax library so that other modules can use it
  • Issue #2825204 by dawehner, BR0kEN, xjm, pcambra, Wim Leers, tim.plunkett, tstoeckler, damiankloip, larowlan, effulgentsia, alexpott: REST views: authentication is broken
  • Issue #2916294 by dawehner: JS codestyle: no-useless-escape
  • Issue #2916154 by drpal, droplet, dawehner, alexpott, xjm: JS codestyle: no-multi-assign
  • Issue #2826404 by mpdonadio, Jo Fitzgerald, jhedstrom, larowlan: Create DateTimeItemInterface and deprecate global constants in datetime.module
  • Issue #2883680 by dawehner, Wim Leers, tim.plunkett, larowlan: Force all route filters and route enhancers to be non-lazy
  • Issue #2843764 by Wim Leers, arshadcn: EntityResource: Provide comprehensive test coverage for EntityFormDisplay entity
  • Issue #2917916 by arunkumark, Chi, yoroy: Improve usability of create action dropdown
  • Issue #2843755 by Wim Leers, larowlan, andypost, jibran, Berdir: EntityResource: Provide comprehensive test coverage for Message entity
  • Revert "Issue #2825204 by dawehner, BR0kEN, pcambra, Wim Leers, tim.plunkett, tstoeckler, damiankloip: REST views: authentication is broken"
  • Issue #2763433 by 20th, harsha012, Munavijayalakshmi, Prashant.c, hass: Hardcoded ellipsis in actions configuration form
  • Issue #2870439 by vaplas, andypost, Jo Fitzgerald, jonathan1055, dawehner, Lendude, GoZ: Convert web tests to browser tests for config module
  • Revert "Issue #2916154 by drpal, dawehner, xjm: JS codestyle: no-multi-assign"
  • Issue #2916154 by drpal, dawehner, xjm: JS codestyle: no-multi-assign
  • Issue #2907110 by adriancid, Bojhan: Add a Entity type column in Field list page
  • Issue #2916451 by Lendude, xjm: Move everything related to Bulk Form to Views module
  • Issue #1543858 by danquah, pp, alexpott, dawehner, cilefen, jmolivas, esod, jhedstrom, andypost, kenorb, bserem: Add a startup configuration for the built-in PHP server that supports clean URLs
  • Issue #2917303 by alexpott: JS codestyle: padded-blocks revisited
  • Issue #2825204 by dawehner, BR0kEN, pcambra, Wim Leers, tim.plunkett, tstoeckler, damiankloip: REST views: authentication is broken
  • Issue #2915414 by Wim Leers, dawehner: Omit "_core" key from normalized config entities, which includes the default config hash
  • Issue #2866666 by vaplas, Wim Leers, dawehner, gaurav.kapoor, pk188, tstoeckler, effulgentsia: Add proper access handlers for view and form displays
  • Issue #2915534 by drpal, nod_: JS codestyle: prefer-rest-params
  • Issue #2910081 by mpdonadio, neclimdul, gambry, jhedstrom, alexpott: DateTimePlus calls should be chainable
  • Issue #2677990 by DuaelFr, agomezmoron, heykarthikwithu, gvso, alexpott, Wim Leers, larowlan: Add a setting on "Table of files" and "Generic files" formatters to use files descriptions (or not)
  • Issue #2435607 by neclimdul, markdorison, Mile23, dawehner: Tests for Annotation Component
  • Issue #2764931 by tedbow, tim.plunkett, nod_, drpal, droplet, dawehner, Wim Leers, phenaproxima: Contextual links don't work with 'use-ajax' links
  • Issue #2914718 by droplet, alexpott, nod_, dawehner: JS codestyle: no-empty
  • Issue #2915766 by dawehner, drpal: JS codestyle: vars-on-top
  • Issue #2903551 by fazni, chenderson, valthebald, dawehner, joachim: Replace REQUEST_TIME with time service in cron service
  • Issue #2911806 by tim.plunkett: Remove unnecessary Crypt::hashBase64() call from Action UI
  • Issue #2873696 by nvexler, wengerk, gido, Jo Fitzgerald, xjm: Add @internal to core classes, methods, properties to Form Classes
  • Issue #2482783 by dmsmidt, alexpott, mgifford, 20th, Sutharsan, Jo Fitzgerald, tim.plunkett, dandaman, xjm: File upload errors not set or shown correctly
  • Issue #2912542 by jibran: Update twig/twig from v1.32.0 to v1.35.0
  • Issue #2914723 by droplet, dawehner: JS codestyle: no-mixed-operators
  • Issue #2915526 by drpal: JS codestyle: prefer-const
  • Issue #2914379 by alexpott: Remove minimal_install(), ship with default configuration instead
  • Issue #2914946 by drpal, dawehner, droplet: JS codestyle: no-var
  • Issue #2896724 by Eric115, kim.pepper, Sam152, Wim Leers: Create constants for transition directions.
  • Issue #2770065 by joseph.olstad, joelpittet, dawehner, catch, willzyx: array_key_exists() micro-optimization
  • Issue #2796393 by Jo Fitzgerald, tacituseu, Stefan Freudenberg, Yogesh Pawar, heddn, mpp, GaëlG: Migration process plugin not working with multiple source IDs
  • Issue #2914716 by droplet: JS codestyle: no-lonely-if
  • Issue #2914719 by nod_, droplet: JS codestyle: newline-per-chained-call
  • Issue #2914717 by droplet: JS codestyle: array-callback-return
  • Issue #2901744 by mfernea, catch: Fix 'PSR2.Namespaces' coding standard
  • Issue #2914595 by _gradient_: \Drupal\Core\Theme\ThemeInitialization declares $moduleHandler dynamically
  • Issue #2914708 by droplet: JS codestyle: comma-dangle
  • Issue #2914710 by droplet: JS codestyle: padded-blocks
  • Issue #2914711 by droplet: JS codestyle: no-useless-concat
  • Issue #2914715 by droplet: JS codestyle: no-confusing-arrow
  • Issue #2236789 by singh_haneet, Neograph734, petruk.dmitriy, idebr, herom, joelpittet, LewisNyman, xjm: Styling of inline radios broken: inappropriate trailing colons (breaks EditorImageDialog)
  • Issue #2449143 by damiankloip, tedbow, Wim Leers, dawehner, Pavan B S, Tybor, effulgentsia, larowlan: REST views specify HTML as a possible request format, so if there is a "regular" HTML view on the same path, it will serve JSON
  • Issue #2912298 by chr.fritsch, phenaproxima: Make media name available on manage display
  • Issue #2901789 by mfernea, andriyun, borisson_: Fix 'PEAR.Functions.FunctionCallSignature' coding standard
  • Issue #2846614 by damiankloip, dawehner, claudiu.cristea, effulgentsia, tstoeckler, gaurav.kapoor, Berdir, Jo Fitzgerald, Wim Leers, jibran: Incorrect field name is used in views integration for multi-value base fields (follow-up)
  • Issue #2846614 by damiankloip, dawehner, claudiu.cristea, effulgentsia, tstoeckler, gaurav.kapoor, Berdir, Jo Fitzgerald, Wim Leers, jibran: Incorrect field name is used in views integration for multi-value base fields
  • Issue #2908699 by Jo Fitzgerald, heddn, xjm: Several textual and markup improvements to the Migrate Upgrade UI
  • Issue #2883813 by chr.fritsch, Wim Leers, Berdir, phenaproxima, catch: Move File/Image media type into Standard once Media is stable
  • Issue #2902247 by Sam152, dave.mikolaj, xjm, Bojhan: Make #title of the "label" fields in the Workflow(Transition|State)(Add|Edit)Form clearer and remove the description
  • Issue #2674292 by starshaped, tim.clifford, sskt, nesta_, kostyashupenko, mukeshMukesh12, alamowo, ironkiat, emma.maria, Manjit.Singh, kiwimind, Cottser, phenaproxima, yoroy, AaronChristian: Remove styling of select elements (improves appearance in Firefox)
  • Issue #2912961 by dawehner, droplet, drpal: Step 0 JS codestyle: Exclude non passing eslint rules
  • Issue #2909882 by Manuel Garcia, yoroy: Throbbers showing within dropbuttons jump to next line
  • Issue #2425101 by Wim Leers, mgifford: system.performance_settings should be declared in system.links.task.yml
  • Issue #2908832 by mr.baileys: Remove unused module dependency from UserEditedOwnAccountTest
  • Issue #2830094 by mpdonadio, Yogesh Pawar, arunkumark, jhedstrom, larowlan, alexpott: Deprecate and remove usages of datetime_date_default_time()
  • Issue #2810097 by Lendude, larowlan, jp.stacey, Meenakshi Gupta, rachel_norfolk, dawehner, alexpott: Allow views to provide the canonical entity URL of all entities, not just nodes
  • Issue #2549789 by Jo Fitzgerald, Jaesin, rajeshwari10, googletorp: Remove entity_load* usage for block_content entity type
  • Issue #2862659 by Jo Fitzgerald, Yogesh Pawar, phenaproxima: Add documentation to Entity destination plugin
  • Issue #1848686 by Johnny vd Laar, Berdir, JeroenT, geertvd, mogtofu33, hauruck, Manuel Garcia, pfrenssen, Bambell, realityloop, ParisLiakos, webflo, cyborg_572, Algeron,, xjm, Wim Leers, dawehner, yoroy: Add a dedicated permission to access the term overview page (without 'administer taxonomy' permission)
  • Issue #2524284 by Hubbs, Sabreena, Tony-Mac, AlviMurtaza, Aleksandar_P, Saphyel, aj2r, vulcanr, snehi, rashid_786, vijay.mayilsamy, bandanasharma, kapil17, ironkiat, yoroy, LewisNyman, leanderl, aliyakhan, xjm, emma.maria, jcventura, leanderl, sannastrand, marikaj: The spacing of the buttons in the preview bar is cramped on narrow screens
  • Issue #2902413 by vaplas, fisherman90: Hangnail on the active task in Seven theme
  • Issue #2911221 by xjm: Ungrammatical validation message for paths
  • Issue #2782833 by Mile23, martin107, larowlan, effulgentsia: Remove usages of deprecated EntityManager from Entity class
  • Issue #2875896 by Sam152, timmillwood: EntityRevisionConverter isn't invoked if an entity definition doesn't explicitly set an "edit" form handler
  • Issue #2825078 by Mile23, dawehner, Wim Leers, Gábor Hojtsy: Deprecate UnitTestCase dependency on block module
  • Issue #2909425 by jibran: Add the $field_storage parameter to Tables::addNextBaseTable
  • Issue #2901704 by Wim Leers, damiankloip: Allow REST routes to use different request formats and content type formats
  • Issue #2905527 by EclipseGc, amateescu, tim.plunkett, larowlan: Introduce a sample value entity method to ease plugin filtering via context
  • Issue #2835845 by vaplas, Wim Leers, arshadcn, Berdir: EntityResource: Provide comprehensive test coverage for BlockContent entity
  • Issue #2900047 by karthikkumarbodu, Sam152: Add a link to install content_moderation when no workflow types are present
  • Issue #2907348 by karthikkumarbodu, dawehner, jhodgdon, Gábor Hojtsy: Enable new users to learn about the user guide
  • Issue #2905000 by amateescu, timmillwood: Add a default filter on the 'published' field in the base views wizard plugin for publishable entity types
  • Issue #2820848 by timmillwood, amateescu, Pavan B S, Berdir, Jo Fitzgerald, claudiu.cristea: Make BlockContent entities publishable
  • Issue #2892304 by Manuel Garcia, amateescu: Introduce footer region to ContentEntityForm
  • Issue #2720233 by dawehner, Wim Leers, catch: Use arguments resolver in RequestHandler to have consistent parameter ordering
  • Issue #2887860 by drumm, Cottser: Allow attributes to be passed to admin blocks (admin_block theme hook)
  • Issue #2734345 by danmuzyka, hchonov, Jo Fitzgerald, GoZ, kristiaanvandeneynde, Berdir, alexpott: Comments: entity_id base field not overridden correctly in comment bundle field definitions for comment bundles attached to different entity target_type
  • Issue #2857437 by mfb: pass raw backtrace to loggers for errors, not just exceptions
  • Issue #2278383 by dawehner, Xano, kim.pepper, twistor, jibran, Jo Fitzgerald, joelpittet, pritish.kumar, Fabianx, Crell, larowlan, alexpott, catch, Wim Leers: Create an injectible service for drupal_set_message()
  • Issue #2902417 by drpal: Do not attempt to unlink not present * when watching JavaScript
  • Issue #2767857 by Berdir, tstoeckler: Add destination to edit, delete, enable, disable links in entity list builders
  • Revert "Issue #2902361 by drpal: [regression] In Settings Tray when the form is longer than the page body it is tricky to scroll to the very bottom"
  • Issue #2894422 by dpagini: AccessResult::forbiddenIf reason
  • Issue #2902361 by drpal: [regression] In Settings Tray when the form is longer than the page body it is tricky to scroll to the very bottom
  • Issue #2893586 by Manuel Garcia, amateescu, vijaycs85, dawehner: Add #optional support to the Container render element
Download Size md5 hash drupal-8.5.0-alpha1.tar.gz 13.15 MB 415dda1360f95c376870d2a3786483c7 22.21 MB fec9ec37a2285de5300bcc36fdac1c1b Last updated: 19 Jan 2018 at 00:08 UTCOfficial release from tag: 8.5.0-alpha1Core compatibility: 8.xRelease type: Bug fixesNew featuresShort description: Alphas are good testing targets for developers and site builders who are comfortable reporting (and where possible, fixing) their own bugs. Alpha releases are not recommended for non-technical users, nor for production websites.Packaged Git sha1: be644a6b4984e1af82cc77e9493f4f5c2c19f3fe
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Elérhető a PowerShell Core 6.0 - 2018, január 18 - 15:44

Sooo powershell for Linux and macOS is out. Neat!

— Daniel Hauenstein (@dhauenstein) January 18, 2018

"PowerShell Core 6.0 is a new edition of PowerShell that is cross-platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux), open-source, and built for heterogeneous environments and the hybrid cloud."

Részletek itt.

Kategóriák: Informatika

Újabb szög a Windows Phone koporsójába: az OTP Simple dobja a platform támogatását - 2018, január 18 - 10:29

Újabb szög a #WindowsPhone és #WindowsMobile koporsójába: Az #OTP #Simple alkalmazás műszaki támogatása Windows Phone és Mobile platformon megszűnt. Az alkalmazás 2018. március 31-ig lesz elérhető a Microsoft alkalmazásboltjában - #RIP

— HUP (@huphu) January 18, 2018 #onhup

A bejelentés itt olvasható.

Kategóriák: Informatika

Kikapcsolható lesz az iPhone throttling - 2018, január 18 - 08:02

#iPhone owners will be able to disable CPU throttling in future #iOS version, @Tim_Cook says

— AppleInsider (@appleinsider) January 18, 2018

Tim Cook jelezte, lehetősége lesz a felhasználóknak kikapcsolni az iPhone throttling-ot:

"We will tell somebody, saying, 'We're reducing your performance by some amount in order to not have an unexpected restart,'" Cook said. "And if you don't want it, you can turn it off. Now we don't recommend it, because we think that people's iPhones are really import to them, and you can never tell when something is so urgent."

Tim Cook says users will be able to turn off iPhone battery performance throttling in future iOS update by @bzamayo

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) January 18, 2018

Kategóriák: Informatika

Magyar nyelvi fejlesztések II–III. (kivonat) - 2018, január 18 - 08:01

A LibreOffice-hoz kapcsolódó, az Alapítvány támogatásával megvalósított (l. előző hír) magyar nyelvi fejlesztések legfrissebb eredményeinek összefoglalója:

Valódi bővíthető helyesírási szótár. A korábbi „Nyelvi minta” példa mellett „Grammar By” (angol) és „Grammatik nach” (német) videók is készültek a LibreOffice 6.0 egyik leghasznosabb újdonságáról. Az egyéni szótárba felvett új szavainkat, ha megadunk hozzájuk egy-egy mintaszót is, a LibreOffice helyesírás-ellenőrzője, a Hunspell tökéletesen toldalékolja, és szóösszetételekben is felismeri, egy csapásra eltüntetve a bosszantó piros aláhúzásokat az új szavak minden előfordulásáról a szövegben.

Régi, de jó. A régi magyar helyesírás szeptemberig még érvényes a közoktatásban. A LibreOffice-ból sem tűnik el véglegesen: a Régi helyesírás (AkH. 11.) nevű új felhasználói szótárral bekapcsolható, így a „csodaszép Vietnam” esetében nem jelez hibát a program, még ha ez már „csoda szép Vietnám”-nak írandó is az iskolán kívül. A toldalékoló felhasználói szótár használatát bemutató videó.

Segít a kiejtés! Ha nem ismerjük pontosan egy idegen írásmódú szó helyesírását, írhatjuk most már fonetikusan is, mivel a helyesírás-ellenőrző most már minden szótári szó esetben képes helyes javaslatot tenni.

Korábban gyakoriak voltak a rossz javaslatok:

  • donkihote → tejkihordó
  • elnínyó → elsínyled
  • elnínyót → elsínylett
  • kroaszonokat → croissant-osokat, aszinkronokat, Kroiszoszokat...
  • porsésokat → porsasokét, porsásokat, porsósokat, porsasokat..
  • russzó → tusszó, árusszó, résszó, rumszó
  • russzóig → tusszóig, árusszóig, résszóig, rumszóig, Rusóiig, Russig
  • volter → voltér, voltere, volterő, voltper, volterű voltertől → voltértől, volterétől, volterőtől, voltpertől...

A LibreOffice megújult Hunspell helyesírás-ellenőrzője pontos javaslatokat ad:

  • donkihote → Don Quijote
  • elnínyó → El Niño
  • elnínyót → El Niñót
  • kroaszonokat → croissant-okat
  • porsésokat → porschésokat, Porschésokat
  • russzó → Rousseau
  • russzóig → Rousseau-ig
  • volter → Voltaire
  • voltertől → Voltaire-től

További újdonságok és példák a weboldalon olvashatók. Alapítvány
Élj szabadon, használj szabad szoftvert!

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Announcing The Release Of repmgr 4.0.2 - 2018, január 18 - 01:00

Oxford, United Kingdom - January 18, 2018

2ndQuadrant announces the release of repmgr 4.0.2. repmgr is the most popular tool for PostgreSQL replication and failover management. It enhances and complements PostgreSQL's built-in replication capabilities, making it easy to set up and manage standby servers, check replication status, and perform administrative tasks such as switchover operations. The repmgrd daemon provides automatic failover capability to maximize database uptime and can easily be integrated with other tools such as PgBouncer for high application availability.

repmgr 4.0.2 includes the following usability enhancements:

  • Recognize the -t/--terse option for repmgr cluster event to hide the Details column
  • Add "--wait-start" option for repmgr standby register
  • Add %p event notification parameter for repmgr standby switchover

This release contains the following bug fixes:

  • Add missing -W option to getopt_long() invocation
  • Automatically create slot name if missing
  • Fixes to parsing output of remote repmgr invocations
  • When registering BDR nodes, automatically create missing connection replication set
  • Handle missing node record in repmgr node rejoin

For a detailed list of all fixed bugs, please read the full release notes here.

We highly recommend upgrading to repmgr 4.0.2 at the earliest opportunity available. For this release, a simple package upgrade and restart of repmgrd (if running) is required.

Download is available here and installation instructions are available here.

repmgr is developed and maintained by 2ndQuadrant. It is fully supported by their respected 24/7 Production Support, providing the fastest and highest rated response service for PostgreSQL anywhere and is available worldwide. repmgr is distributed under GPL v3.

For more information, please send an email to

About 2ndQuadrant

2ndQuadrant is the Gold Standard for PostgreSQL Products & Services and consistently contributes enterprise features to enhance performance, scalability, security, and stability in PostgreSQL. Spanning 22 countries and 5 continents, 2ndQuadrant is the largest single collective organization of PostgreSQL experts. We have adopted the open source business model and are Major Sponsors for the PostgreSQL project. Our focus on service quality is reflected in the consistent best-in-class NPS of over 75 for more than 2 years.

Kategóriák: Informatika

pg_back 1.4 released - 2018, január 18 - 01:00

pg_back is a simple (well kind of) bash shell script that can dump all your databases to files.

It can operate on standby servers and takes care of pausing and resuming WAL replay.

The 1.4 release brings support for PostgreSQL 10.

pg_back is licensed under the classic 2 clauses BSD license.

More at

Kategóriák: Informatika

JDBC 42.2.0 Released - 2018, január 18 - 01:00

The JDBC group is proud to release version 42.2.0

Notable changes include:

  • Support SCRAM-SHA-256 for PostgreSQL 10 in the JDBC 4.2 version (Java 8+) using the Ongres SCRAM library. PR 842
  • Make SELECT INTO and CREATE TABLE AS return row counts to the client in their command tags. Issue 958 PR 962
  • Support Subject Alternative Names for SSL connections. PR 952
  • Support isAutoIncrement metadata for PostgreSQL 10 IDENTITY column. PR 1004
  • Support for primitive arrays PR#887 3e0491a
  • Implement support for get/setNetworkTimeout() in connections. PR 849
  • Make GSS JAAS login optional, add an option "jaasLogin" PR 922 see [Connecting to the Database]{
Kategóriák: Informatika

Itt az első Librem 5 helyzetjelentés a Purism-től - 2018, január 17 - 15:57

A @Puri_sm publikálta első helyzetjelentését a biztonságra és a privát szféra védelmére fókuszáló, #Linux alapú #Librem5 telefonnal kapcsolatban -— HUP (@huphu) January 17, 2018 #onhup

Kategóriák: Informatika

VirtualBox 5.2.6 - 2018, január 17 - 15:46

Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.2.6 is now available for download!

— Oracle VirtualBox (@virtualbox) January 16, 2018

Megjelent a VirtualBox 5.2.6-os kiadása. Bejelentés itt és itt, változások listája itt.

Kategóriák: Informatika

Itt az ideje OTRS 6-ra váltani! - 2018, január 17 - 13:20

A 2017. november 21-én kiadott OTRS 6-hoz a mai napon megérkezett a 4. hibajavító kiadás. Az elmúlt 2 hónap során szinte nem telt el úgy nap, hogy a fejlesztők ne adtak volna valamit hozzá a forráskódhoz, amellyel több mint 120 hibát javítottak az eredeti kiadás óta. OTRS 6-os verziója gyorsabb, rugalmasabb és nagyon hatékony (előzmények), így ha valaki eddig halogatta az OTRS frissítést, akkor itt az ideje OTRS 6-ra váltani!

Az OTRS 6 néhány érdekes újdonsága:

Az OTRS 6 megjelenését követő fontos javítások:

  • A jegyek életkora nem frissült az ügyfélfelületen (Bug 13331)
  • Rossz alapértelmezett értékkel rendelkező letiltott rendszerbeállítást nem lehetett javítani (Bug 13250)
  • E-mailek hibás megjelenítése (Bug 13367)
  • Egyes rendszerbeállításoknál nem lehetett további új értéket hozzáadni (Bug 13288)
  • Piszkozatnevek ékezeteinek hibás megjelenítése (Bug 13365)
  • OTRS_CUSTOMER_BODY változó nem működött több értesítésben (Bug 13325)
  • ACL-ek nem működtek megfelelően a „Szabad mezők” ablakban (Bug 13312)
  • Böngészők beépített helyesírás-ellenőrző moduljai nem működtek (Bug 13404)
  • Jegyfelosztáskor hiányzott az ügyfél-azonosító (Bug 13424)
  • Beágyazott kép nem jelent meg az ügyintéző- és az ügyfélfelületen (Bug 13353 Bug 13432)
  • Rendszerbeállítások importálása nem aktivált engedélyezett funkciókat (Bug 13403)
  • Vezérlőpulton megjelenített statisztikák módosításai nem kerültek mentésre (Bug 13426)
  • Kommunikációs naplók lassú törlése (Bug 13502)
  • Egyes beállításokban a dinamikus mezők címkéi nem jelentek meg (Bug 13516)
  • Vezérlőpult automatikus frissítése mindig megcserélte a jegyek sorrendjét (Bug 13453)

A változásokról és a kiadásban javított hibák teljes listájáról részletesen ez az oldal számol be. Az OTRS bárki számára ingyenesen letölthető a nyilvánosan letöltő oldalról.

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